My Traditions

Share Yours!  Those magical holiday traditions you grew up with. Do you still carry them on for your children today?  Have you created a few of your own yuletide rituals? Tell us a story about your favorite holiday traditions from Christmas past or present, and we'll post it on our Facebook page.  We bet you'll find other stories that will bring back long forgotten memories, dear to you.

Lori Falcon

"We always do the angel tree. I've always thought it was important for my kids to get a glimpse of kids that don't have anything and do something to help. And we open one present each on Christmas Eve and the others Christmas morning!

Jen Gerwig-Dively

"Decorating the tree used to be a family thing. It's turned into more of a "quick, get it done whoever can do it!" thing but I'd like to go back to family this year.

Kimberly Jarrett

Every Friday after Thanksgiving we deck out the outside of our home with lights and decorations, then the week or two before Christmas we drive around and look at lights. It makes our daughters whole face light up!
She's already SO excited that Walmart has Christmas trees up!! "

Jennifer Clark

We always enjoy putting up the tree and decorating it. When it's all done, we stand back and flip the switch to light her up!"

Courtney Temple

"After thanskgiving we get our christmas tree and decorate it together as a family along with the house my oldest and her dad do the lights outside she mostly just hands him stuff . We also go through the girls clothes and toys and donate them to children in need this year we are sending them with a family friend who is visitng orphanges in the phillipeans. and on christmas eve after we leave santa milk and cookies we read a book that is christmas themed"

Debbie Greene Ryan

"We start to by gifts in Oct and through Dec.. Then we wrap all of them and set out gifts from Santa on Christmas Eve. They are surprised where the gifts come from when we didn't have any under tree tell then."

Kathryn Compa

"I love making Orange Pomanders! Choosing the ribbon,the wonderful smell! Love it all!...;0)"